Alteco-Line's expansive portfolio of products serve the following sectors:

  • Motorways
  • Cycle Paths
  • Car Parks & Walkways 
  • Railway Platforms
  • Halls
  • Factories
  • Airports

Our depth of knowledge and experience enables us to provide high quality marking systems to our valued clients. 

Airports & Railway Platforms

USL Ekspan

Alteco-Line marking systems are also suitable for a wide range of different application methods. Thanks to the durability and high strength of the products, the design and vibrant colour intensity is maintained for the long term. Alteco-Line systems provide impressive UV resistance, excllent chemical resistance and good adhesion to concrete and asphalt substrates.


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Car Parks, Walkways & Factories

USL Ekspan

Our systems are characterised by their high mechanical strength, long service life and resistance to contamination. Production as per the standards defined in DIN ISO 9001 guarantees consistent levels of quality. Several colours are available for designs in halls, parking areas, where they provide optimal guidance and safety. You can also use the Alteco-Line markings to give set-down areas, walkways and vehicle routes a clear structure.


  • Withstands high mechanical loads
  • Very long service life and insensitive to soiling
  • Reliable guidance systems thanks to dirt-resistant paint systems
  • Luminescent safety guidance systems for increased safety and guidance
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Motorways, Carriageways & Cycle Paths

USL Ekspan

We manufacture one cold plastic product for four different application methods without alterations in the viscosity.

Our systems are tested by the German Federal Highway Research Institute (BASt) and guarantee maximum road safety.


  • Thick/thin-layer markings for lasting safety
  • Easy to refresh using cold spray plastic
  • Cycle path marking non-slip with clear colour differentiation.
  • Simple application and no machinery required
  • approved by the German Federal Highway Research Institute (BASt) and certified in the highest traffic classes
  • Guidance both day and night
  • High yield thanks to low density
  • Suitable for Type I and Type II marking


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